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Step Back in Time with this Eye-Opening Basketry Exhibit

Explore the historic practice of one of the first art forms in the Americas at the latest exhibit at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, entitled Coiling Culture: Basketry Art of Native North America. This fascinating display invites you to explore the intricate talents of basket making and learn about its inspiring developments, styles, and traditions.

With a collection that features a wide range of works from modern day designs to basket fragments found in California and the Southwest dating to 9,400 years ago, Coiling Culture: Basketry Art of Native North America is a comprehensive exhibit unlike any other. Over the millennia, native North Americans developed elaborate techniques and intricate designs worked in local materials, from sweetgrass in Florida to black ash in the Northeast and deer grass in California, among many others. This show allows guests to inspect the intersection between material, making, and meaning in the fragile basketry art of the Southeast to the Southwest and up into the Arctic, so be sure to enjoy it while it’s on display at the Michael C. Carlos Museum!

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Event Time/Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 2018 – 10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
571 South Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

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